Skala Potamias-Golden beach

Just 3 km from the village Potamia and about 11 km from the capital town of Limenas (Thassos or as otherwise called) is this seaside village, that was actually built at the beggining of one of the most beautiful bays in Greece, Chrysi Ammoudia, where one end starts from Skala Potamia and the other end, ends at Skala Panagia, with about 14 km of endless sandy beach!

In recent years, tourism has developed a lot in this part of the island, which offers everything to spend an unforgetable vacation!

Some reasons to visit Thassos in September!

  • The perfect weather: Still summer, but not so hot!
  • The lower prices: Get lower prices!
  • No more queues: Archaelogical sites and museums have less visitors!
  • Warm waters: The sea is more clean and the waters are pleasantly warm!
  • Take better pictures: The sky is clearer, so you can capture the best photos!
  • Eat as much as you want: Summer is ending, so don’t hold back your appetite!
  • Power-up for winter: Taking a holiday in September, will fill your bateries for the upcoming winter!

AddressGolden Beach, Thassos, 64004, Greece